Buying a home is not just about pretty pictures

The Roodepoort Northsider has had a relationship with you for decades. We know the Roodepoort area better than anyone. Let us guide you in making the best property decision for you and your family.

Stunning new discovery made on Mars

JOBURG – All will be revealed in a broadcast on TV on 6 March. No matter what the news is, its certainly set to change our perception of space, forever.

7 lekker shows to stream right now

Local programming is becoming more popular by the minute, which is why so many South Africans love these piekfyn Afrikaans series and movies.

Tips for fuel-efficient driving

The constant fluctuations of fuel prices can make a driver consider seeking alternative means of transport at times… like a horse maybe? Or not!

WATCH: How to grill the perfect steak

ROODEPOORT – Ever wondered what goes into grilling a delicious restaurant quality steak? Take a sneak peek into the Founders Grill kitchen.