Illegal connections and cable theft cost City Power over R1 billion

Illegal connections in poorer communities cost City Power millions of rand. File photo.

City Power incurred over R1 billion revenue losses in the previous financial year due to bypassing and tampering with meters by both domestic and large power user customers, and also fraudulent activities and corrupt behaviour related to illegal connections.

City power loses millions of rand due to cable theft. File photo.

City power loses millions of rand due to cable theft. File photo.

The entity’s spokesperson Yumna Sheik explained that the widespread vandalism of electricity infrastructure impacted negatively on the provision of service delivery.

“City Power contends daily with unscrupulous individuals who offer illegal connection services in poorer communities. These individuals have turned this activity into an entrepreneurial venture,” she explained.

City Power conducts regular operations with JMPD to remove illegal connections, but as soon as they leave, those entrepreneurs reconnect the illegal connections.

“We have appealed and continue to plead with communities to report these individuals and any illegal or suspicious activities to City Power and law enforcement agencies,” she continued.

Reporting illegal connections would help City Power to clamp down on illegal connections and reduce senseless and tragic fatalities.

“City Power has invested millions in capital expenditure to electrify informal settlements using a mix of energy sources in order to reduce incidents of illegal connections,” she explained.

”We appeal to our communities to report these acts of criminality and illegal connections to their nearest police station or to call City Power anonymously on the toll free number or to contact law enforcement agencies.”

Ward 104 councillor Mike Wood added that it was not surprising that City power lost a lot of money.

“In my Ward substations are not secured, regular theft of cables and constant power outages are contributing,” he said.

Details: City Power toll-free number, 0800 002 587.

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