Hans Road upgrade causes chaos

The grader tear up Hans Road in preparation for an upgrade. Photo: Supplied


HONEYDEW – Residents are concerned about the lack of planning involved in the upgrading of Hans Road.

The road was closed on 1 March, as a road grader was tearing up the tar in the first phase of the upgrade and traffic was diverted via Glover Road.

However, Glover Road is in a very bad condition, especially after the rains, so most cars could not drive down it because of the dongas, causing a lot of traffic down the one-lane sand road.

The damage done to Glover Road due to the rains. Photo: Supplied

A resident on Glover Road, Ansie van der Walt explained she has seen normal sedan cars stuck in the road, especially on the low-lying bridge, which have had to be towed out. “It does not make sense why they used Glover Road; they should have prepared the road beforehand,” said Van der Walt.

An aerial view of the roads affected by the upgrade. Photo: Supplied

Another resident, Neolien Botes said, “Repairs should have been done before they destroyed [Hans Road]. I think this is ridiculous and unacceptable. They cause unnecessary upset and the matter could have easily been dealt with. Grading and repairing can take as long as they want and, in the meantime, everyone is being held hostage by them. By doing this they have shown a total disregard for the community and its residents.”

Alternate routes have to be used due to road closures on Hans and Glover Road. Photo: Supplied

However, Kerry Maher, owner of Glover Paddocks, lost the most on 1 March. Thirty riders who had booked lessons for the day were not able to get to the paddocks. In total, she lost R9 500. “There is a back route via Peter Road, which will add 30 minutes to their trip to get here, but many people do not know of this route. By the time they reach Glover Road and realise they cannot drive down, turn around and take another route, they would have missed their lesson,” said Maher.

Ward 97 councillor, Leah Knott met with Joburg Roads Agency on the afternoon of 1 March. Knott confirmed the diversion plan was approved by the agency. She explained that the contractors had undertaken to fill Glover Road and Plein Street and regrade these on 1 March at their expense. The contractors would maintain the grading during the road closure period and check both roads daily. The road closures have been estimated to be in place until 28 April.

A grader makes its way along Hans Road. Photo: Supplied

According to Knott, the contractors will install large-sized speed humps along the diverted route. Joburg Roads Agency has requested signage for heavy duty vehicles and a pointsman will be stationed at Johan and Hans roads to divert traffic.

Signage to direct cars to the horse paddocks will be placed alongside the construction signs diverting traffic. Maps of the diverted route were meant to be installed on 1 March. Hans Road will be properly tarred with chevron signage installed at the 90-degree blind corner.

The contractors meet at one of the road closures. Photo: Supplied

“I will inform Emergency Medical Services of the diverted route to ensure they are aware in case of any incidents that may occur,” said Knott.

If there are any issues, please contact Leah Knott on 082 633 9070.

Amy Ingram

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