Get involved in your ward – here’s how!

So how do you get involved?

The first and most obvious way to get involved is by voting.

Every five years, the municipal elections are held where you cast your vote for ward councillors and political parties in the municipality. This decision will result in the ideologies and policies of a political party actively put in place in your municipality.

Secondly, you can attend public meetings and even council meetings to find out more about what is going on in the City of Johannesburg, right from the horse’s mouth.

The City of Johannesburg’s 270 councillors, including the mayor, mayoral committee members, ward councillors and opposition leaders all meet once a month in the council chambers at Metro Centre in Braamfontein.

This meeting, that usually takes place from 10am on the last Thursday of every month, can be attended by members of the public where discussions on rates, policies, plans and all things that ultimately affect you – the ratepayers – are conducted.

Residents can also get involved through residents’ associations or organisations which partner with the municipality on various projects.

Ward committees are representatives for the residents who work closely with the City. They are elected by residents in each ward and work with the ward councillor to make sure their ward’s issues are being heard and tended to. Elections for ward committees are held every five years along with the change of terms.

Another way you can get involved in public service, or at least help make the wards work better, is by knowing who to report what to.

Visit for contact information and expected turnaround times for the most common issues residents face.

Chantelle Fourie

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