Crime on the rise in Sector 2…again

John Baisely, chairman for Sector 2 Honeydew CPF. Photo: File.

Following a spike in criminal activities, chairman for the Honeydew Policing Forum (CPF) Sector 2, John Baisely has raised concerns about some of the most problematic crimes in the surrounding suburbs.

Baisely listed a number of crimes that have increased in the sector and urged residents to be cautious of those criminal elements.

“There has been a spike in gate-motor theft in the surrounding suburbs, [so] please ensure your gate motor is secure. These thefts usually occur in the early hours of the morning,” he said.

Sector 2 covers the following suburbs: Randpark Ridge, Weltevreden Park, Constantia Kloof and Park, Hillfox and Panorama AH.

CPF Sector 2 chairman John Baisely (second from right) with his dedicated team. Photo: File.


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Baisely also touched on the increase in dog poisonings and encouraged residents to keep their animals safe and secure at all times.

“We have also seen an increase in dog poisonings in the sector. While we are only aware of a handful of these incidents, they invariably do precede some form of criminal intent. If possible let your animals sleep inside at night and please report these incidents so the police and your association can take the necessary anti-crime measures,” Baisely advised.

Due to escalating hijackings in and around the suburbs, the chairman said the incidents largely occur in the early evening and victims are cornered when they arrive home, after work.

He further advised motorists to refrain from leaving their valuables, such as laptops and handbags unattended in their cars and they must make sure that their cars are locked before walking away.

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Details: Honeydew Community Policing Forum administration office, 011 801 8576.

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