Daisy the dinosaur visits Dios Los Ninos

Gabriel Gasser, Logan Coetzee, Juan Buizedenhoudt and Nilavan Govender smile and give their best dinosaur impressions with Daisy the Dinosaur.


For around the last six years, Dash Kids has been teaching the children of Dios Los Ninos Private School about safety.

Each year, Dash Kids, a husband and wife duo who present educational talks to children, give presentations on safety and bullying awareness to the young minds of Dios Los Ninos grades 0 to 3 classes.

Xander Schwab, places the ‘clothes’ on the fossil to reveal the dinosaur.


Amahle Zwane learns about Pterodactyls through a fossil puzzle.

This year the children were entertained by Daisy the dinosaur in a less serious presentation on these extinct creatures. The children danced and built puzzles while they learnt about different dinosaurs, their diet and even the noises they made. This linked in with their studies on herbivores and carnivores in science class.

Principal, Leonie de Kock, said, “The children always have fun and love the presentations. We decided on a dinosaur theme as most of the children love dinosaurs.”

Belinda Belo of Dash Kids tells the children about different dinosaurs.

By the end of the presentation the children knew a lot more about Tyrannosaurus rex (T.Rex), Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Brontosaurus. But, the best part was learning how to do the dinosaur walk.

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