Roodepoort resident ready to take the modeling world by storm

Erin Koch knows that true beauty in on the inside. Photo: Supplied


Erin Koch being an upcoming model artist was interviewed by Tommy Lubbe an international campaign model and actor.

After going through a lucrative photo shoot with Tommy Lubbe, director of Nuovo Model Management, themed Haute Couture/Pret-a-Porter, Erin was asked the following questions by Tommy:

What has it meant to you to have been part of a haute couture fashion photo shoot with Nuovo Model Management?

She replied: “This has been a fantastic experience for me as it has shown me a whole new world that I have never been exposed to. I also found this experience to be rather educational as I got to see that with everything comes hard work and nothing you do in life comes easy, so never do a half job, put in 100 per cent every time.”

What does honesty mean to you?

“Honesty means to me ‘untampered with’. Simply because telling the truth can be either good or bad. It could break people or build them up and the sad reality is that most people are not looking for honesty but rather what they want to hear.

I find that children are the most honest, as they are the most innocent and have nothing to gain.

What kind of advice can you give to other aspiring models who want to be part of the fashion industry?

“Be true to yourself always. It does not matter if you have to dress up and portray something you are not for a specific event or photo shoot, especially with regards to the fashion industry. There will always be people telling you that you are not good enough or skinny enough, but it is up to you not to allow that to affect you, because at the end if you are happy with yourself and what you are doing, nothing else matters.

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