Sick of all the crime in the area

Regarding the story in the Northsider about Welties – a stubborn crime-ridden area. Number one, I think City Parks should give more attention to cleaning up the greenbelt area.

Get rid of the recycle people who keep watch over all the houses, the people sticking ads onto the gates, as well as the broom sellers. The other day one broom seller was at our fence for a long time looking into the yard. We watched him on the camera. Only after a few long minutes he started calling at the gate. Surely he wanted to see if someone was home.

The lack of police patrols is also bad. Nothing, but nothing is being done about the people sitting at the T-junction of Beyers Naude Drive and Jim Fouche Road at the top. Have a look at the taxi ranks forming at Cornelius Street and JG Strydom Road, as well as the taxi rank during the day at Without Avenue and Jim Fouche Road. Get rid of the people almost squatting opposite Palm Court Spar, then the crime will stop.

Look at the domestic workers chitchatting in the area. The other day our neighbour’s domestic invited in people from the street when they asked for water.

Recently, my gate opened for no reason while my remote was on the table next to me. Luckily it makes a terrible noise, otherwise I would not have noticed it. I alerted our CSS and no one arrived. I also informed my own security group and they pitched up.

I spoke to the guard who promised me extra patrols. He said if they catch someone and take that person to Honeydew Police Station, police just say they know this person and let him go.The reason, according to the security officer, is that the police must then open a docket and book the person in at the Roodepoort Police Station cells because Honeydew Police Station does not have cells. They believe the paperwork and effort to be too much. It seems crime is too much effort for the police, despite it being their job.

I thank the dear Lord for people like Jon and John Bailey who try to do something about it.

I am so sick of all the crime in my area.

Roelien Vorster

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