School children at risk due to lawless motorists

A vehicle rives over the stop sign on Albert Street while learners are guided by their deputy principal Leon Griffiths to cross the busy road.

The lives of learners at Panorama Primary School are at risk due to motorists persistently ignoring the roads signs during peak-hour traffic along Albert Street in Weltevreden Park.

The local authority and institution accused of driving at high speed in front of the school and ignoring all traffic-calming measures such as the stop sign, speed humps and traffic lights put in place for the safety of the children.

Panorama Primary School learners observe the traffic light while crossing Albert Street. Photo: Siso Naile.

The Honeydew Community Policing Forum public relations officer, Jon Rosenberg raised the issue at a recent Sector 2 meeting, appealing to the Metro Police to look into the matter.

In an interview with Northsider, Rosenberg criticised the motorists not only endangering themselves, but also the school children crossing the road to and from school.

“People drive at ridiculous speeds right in front of the school! The area is a 30km/h [speed zone], not even 60 km/h,” he stressed.

Rosenberg complained that the stop sign means nothing to some motorists. “The dangerous thing is that one in every ten cars just ignores the three-way stop signs.”

He added that children have witnessed a horrific accident in the past where a woman was knocked over.

The Northsider visited Albert Street during peak hour traffic to find motorists travelling very fast with most cars ignoring the Stop street intersection.

Panorama Primary School learners cross the ever busy Albert Street with caution. Photo: Siso Naile.

Panorama Primary School principal Graeme Moodie agreed with Rosenberg about devastating issue of lawless behaviour. He said, “We always had this problem and we’ve gotten used to it. There is stop sign but nobody uses it and I think that’s just the nature of this area.”

He added that Rosenberg has tried to assist with solving the problem, but nothing has changed.

The deputy principal Leon Griffiths said the school encourages the learners to cross the road at the traffic light, but cars still do not stop when they should.

Deputy principal Leon Griffith guides the children as they are about to cross the ever busy Albert Street in the morning. Photo: Siso Naile.

According to Giffiths, the most dangerous time is weekdays from 5am to 7.30am and becomes worse when taxis are around. He added that parents are always cautioned in the school’s monthly newsletter about the safety of their children. He also mentioned that the parents are also warned about the problem of overloaded school transport.

“Another issue is taxis [school transport] carrying 21 children and small cars carrying about 12 children. This has been going on for a long time,” Griffiths explained.

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