R10 000 food donation keeps feral cats healthy

All the feral cats that live at Cradlestone Mall have been sterilised. Photo: Amy Ingram

Cradlestone Mall’s Game store has donated cat food to the value of R10 000 to feed the feral cat colony at the mall.

Annatjie van Niekerk, who looks after the cats, received the donation from Game management on 4 August. The food will be kept at FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals) and used for the feral cat project at the mall.

Game in Cradlestone Mall donated cat food valued at R10 000 to the mall’s feral cat project. Photo: Supplied

“The donation of a high quality of cat food by Game, will help to feed the feral cats at Cradlestone Mall for the next few months,” Annatjie explained.

All the cats have now been trapped and sterilised, and have tested negative for FIV and FeLV (these are contagious viral diseases). This indicates a healthy colony of feral cats on the premises.

Annatjie will continue with the feeding programme to make sure that the cats have a strong immune system and do not have to survive on leftover food left in shopping trolleys. She added that any very ill or injured cats will be removed and be treated by a local veterinarian. If kittens are found, they will be removed, tamed and re-homed. She will continue to monitor the colony from time to time.

Annatjie van Niekerk runs a feeding programme to keep the feral cats healthy. Photo: Amy Ingram

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Subject to no human interference, the growth rate of a colony is rapid. According to Annatjie, one female producing two litters of four kittens annually, with her progeny producing similarly after the age of just five to six months, can amount to over 1 500 cats in three years.

Annatjie van Niekerk runs a feeding programme to keep the feral cats healthy. Photo: Amy Ingram

“The aim of the project at the mall is to control the rapid population growth of cats and avoid the killing of unwanted cats and kittens. A healthy, sterilised colony will be an asset to the mall as the cats will act as natural rodent and snake control agents – for free,” Annatjie added.

The mall’s project started after a feral cat was killed in the Game Store earlier this year.

Volunteers to help with the project will be appreciated. For more information, contact Annatjie on 082 920 7022.

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