Empowering words from a local poet

A local poet has written a poem in tribute to women in Women's Month. Photo: Pixabay.

In celebrating women’s month, Julia Paris, a resident of Allen’s Nek, wrote a poem:

The Dance of Power

In my conditioned mind

My ego-state not the sublime,

The stress I feel,

Forces me to kneel

threatening my mental health

and, the inner wealth

of my messed-up mind.

I have a façade that all is well,

but inside of me, is no heaven, just hell.

Right now, in this moment

I want to become aware of my strengths and grow

Right now, I wish to journey within and find what there is to know.

Right now, is the time,

Right now, I aim to discover what is rightfully mine,

By birth, whilst I was tied to my mother’s girth.

My ego says no!

There is no such thing.

Shouts at me: “wake up, woman,

from your illusions of power within.

Everything you see is real and true,

Stop this nonsense of thinking you have magnificent powers

Locked up within you.”

For a moment, I hesitate

And almost the liar I believe,

I hear a soft whisper within

Telling me to let go of the struggle to conceive

My beauty, my power, without blemish or sin.

I trust the whisper and begin to release

The peace that enfold me,

Makes me smile and puts me at ease.

I struggle no more,

My fight is over,

I embrace myself, my spiritual lover.

Ecstatic joy for a moment I experience,

Outrageous love I feel,

Decades of social conditioning

And merciless pain I heal.

Without warning my ego lashes back – with a vengeance

To claim its space,

Ceasing my peace.

Flinging it away from me.

Until with critical mind I see

People doing what I absolutely resent,

Giving me no joy or self-fulfillment,

People behaving badly,

Causing me to cry sadly,

I flinch and forsake my joy,

And oh boy,

My ego will not let me be,

With self-righteous glasses

My beloved I see.

I dance with my ego,

We swirl and we twirl.

Until, intoxicated by this dance,

And in ego-filled trance,

I stand on the edge,

And drive my social conditioning wedge,

Even deeper – as I make others feel

Guilty, and forcing them to kneel.

My ego-soaked words,

So convincing and suave.

Not pausing once to contemplate

The consequences,

Nor think of all the nuances,

Until my power within,

Steps in like a bullfighter to stop the raging ego-bull,

From flinging me up in to the sky, stopping my fall –

Catching me, and creating a soft landing for my bruised pride.

From deep within a strength emerges, waves of love, they surge and surge,

Again, the feeling of radiance and joy,

An inner peace, a love for myself –

So great, I fully enjoy.

I can move mountains, oh, what faith!

I can jump and shout and laugh without abate

I am free.

Ego get behind me. Let me be who I am –

Authentically me.

Julia Paris

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