Tough luck if anybody objects

I drive one of those big cars you mention in the Roodepoort Northsider in the 18 August ‘From the editor’ column.

It’s a big maroon 1998 Jaaaaagggggg (5m long x 1,8m wide)and takes up two parking spaces.

The last time I was at Rock Cottage, I parked in a single parking outside the Checkers. When I came out, the security guard told me someone had bumped my car (left passenger door) when they reversed out and had not left details, but the guard got the number plate.

I don’t have full comprehensive insurance, only fire, theft and third party. Try getting details and suing the culprit. The cops laughed at me. R5 400 was the cost to have the door sprayed.

So now I park at the back or as far from the front as possible and take two parking spaces. Tough luck for those who object, which I guess includes you.


Roelien Vorster

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