Sables District bids farewell to a successful bowls season

Cathy Curtice concentrates for few seconds before she plays. Photo: Siso Naile.

The Sables District Bowling Association hosted a successful International Bowling Day on 27 August.

The object of the event, held at the Honeydew Country Club, was to bid farewell to the current bowling season.

Honeydew Country Club president John George contorts his body as he watches the ball curl towards the jack. Photo: Siso Naile.

The event saw the seniors compete in trips (groups of three) as they proudly wore different outfits representing a variety of countries around the world.

The club president and bowls expert, John George, who was impressed with the turnout, told Northsider that they called the event ‘International Day’ with the aim of drawing as many attendees as possible.

“We called it the International Day because we dish out trophies for people to attend,” said George.

“The winners would either be an international side or South African,” he added.

The club reflected on the enthralling season that its members enjoyed. In June, the club hosted the South African Mixed Pairs Championship. The event saw 40 players from 20 provincial teams participating. The Sables District lost to the Johannesburg Bowling Association (JBA) in the finals.

Peter Margolius licks his fingers as he aims for a good shot. Photo: Siso Naile.

During the game, member Peter Margolius stepped off the green and shared tips on becoming a great bowler saying, “This is a game of skill and concentration.”

The event ended with the announcement of a new committee and a bring-and-braai celebration.

The next season kicks off in November.

For more information, contact the Honeydew Country Club on 011 794 3645.


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