Motorists and pedestrians – beware of ‘pranks’

A passenger in a beige Mazda 323 sprayed a liquid, which turned out to be acid, onto this writer's neck. Photo: Pixabay

I would like to warn all motorists to keep their vehicle windows closed, especially in Johannesburg.

A few months ago, while travelling down Jim Fouché Road, about 15m to 20m from the intersection of Jim Fouché and Hendrik Potgieter Roads, a beige Mazda 323 passed me on my right-hand side and sprayed liquid on my neck. I assume it was done by the passenger sitting in the Mazda 323. The number plate was MFC 010. After they passed me, I tried to see who it was but it seems both driver and passenger kept their heads down, so I could not see their faces.

Initially I thought someone was just playing a prank on me as I assumed the liquid was water. Therefore, I did not follow the car which drove across the robot and turned right into Hendrik Potgieter Road, heading to Clearwater Mall. I only shave every four to five days, and after shaving my beard a few days later I noticed scarring on my neck, which I thought might be a rash from shaving.

A few weeks later it was still there, so I went to the doctor who gave me cream and cortisone. Today, a few months later, I still have scars. I realise now that whatever the passenger sprayed at me was not water, but some kind of acid, and the scars are there to stay.

I don’t know anyone that has a Mazda 323 or why they would do such a thing to me. We all know that crime in South Africa is out of control, nobody has an idea what morals, ethics and decency are anymore. I guess it is the sad state this country is in. I did think of reporting this issue to the police, but I feel they only bother investigating a matter if it is related to murder, rape or theft.

Amy Ingram

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