How bad is it if you over-inflate your tyres?

Failure to attend to tyre safety is a big contributor to thousands of road accidents every year in South Africa. How much does overinflating tyres contribute to these fatalities?

The MTN 21 kilometer race draws near

In less than a month, the MTN SA Foundation will be hosting the third edition of the MTN 21 kilometer race on 10 June 2017.

Stunning new discovery made on Mars

JOBURG – All will be revealed in a broadcast on TV on 6 March. No matter what the news is, its certainly set to change our perception of space, forever.

7 lekker shows to stream right now

Local programming is becoming more popular by the minute, which is why so many South Africans love these piekfyn Afrikaans series and movies.

Tips for fuel-efficient driving

The constant fluctuations of fuel prices can make a driver consider seeking alternative means of transport at times… like a horse maybe? Or not!